5 Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting and stressful event, especially if you’re filling up a space from scratch. Creating your ideal home is expensive and time consuming, but one thing is certain: little by little is the key. Unless you have a lot of extra money lying around, filling a new home all at once just isn’t an option. However, taking it one step at a time can give you the time and savings you need to execute it. Here are some tips before you get started.

Evaluate what you have

Go through and clean out your old home. Take inventory of all the things you have, furniture and otherwise. Separate everything thing into two columns: things you want to keep and things you want to eliminate. The furniture that you want to keep can adorn your new place and everything you don’t want can be sold, recycled or thrown away. Sell your unwanted things online or in a garage sale and the proceeds can fund the furnishing of your new home.

Make a list

Look at your brand new empty home as a blank canvas. Go through each room and imagine your ideal design for it. Make a list of all the things you might need. If you need inspiration, look in magazines and on websites for things that fit in with your style. Start with the basics. If you are thinking about quality seating, look at designer chairs at Made.com before heading into a retail store.  Fill in as much space as you can with the things you kept from your old home, then start going after the rest.

Dining room

Starting place

Now that you have a general plan as to how your domicile is going to look, you can begin to fill it. Since the best strategy is to fill your home gradually, you should pick a starting point that will make the most difference. Consider which room you spend the most time. The bedroom is typically the place that requires the most urgency, because otherwise you might not have a place to sleep. Plus, some suggest that bedding is one area you shouldn’t spare too much expense since quality sleep makes such a difference in a person’s life. Also, did you know the colours you choose in your room can affect you in the morning? If you wake up early, it is best to have bright colours to make your room lighter in the dark early hours.  Late sleepers should have deeper tones to keep the room darker for longer.


Proportions matter

Make sure you are not over or under-filling a room. If you get too much furniture you are wasting money and space. The same thing can happen if furniture is too big or too small for a room. A large space with small pieces can create a cold, empty space. For Instance, a small or medium sized work space would be perfect for a desk like Made.com’s Fonteyn desk, while a large office space could use something bigger.

Home office

Mix it up

As you visit stores and sites looking for the perfect furniture, remember that you don’t always have to buy matching sets. Retailers may even pressure you to buy a whole room set instead of just the item you want and since you need more items any way you might be tempted to oblige. However, you should feel free to mix and match as you please. Besides, when buying full sets you run the risk of making your home look like an impersonal catalog page. If uniformity is something you are after, use colour and style to match up rooms.

Living space


Photos via: House to Home

New Year’s resolution: Get organized before the year is OVER!

Organization starts with purging as much as you can. At least for me. If purging is making you nervous a good way to approach it is with enthusiasm.  Get some new closet storage like these closet design that are superb. Get excited about it. Organize the drawers inside as well, never neglect the drawers. I love the plexiglass dividers that let the light in. These solutions are also great to use for your home office design. Go for it! End the year with great joy and order!!! :-)




The cake stand to store your perfumes, jewelry or office supplies is it just plain genius. I always want to get one of those but never really bake that often, so now I have the perfect excuse to go and buy myself one. :-)


I absolutely love this space, from the storage units to the combination of textiles and colors. Everything in here is a amazing!! LOVE IT!

Photos via:  Danny Kuo, California Closets, HGTV, iidudu.

How to make your house a home

What do we mean when we say home? Is it where the heart is, where we hide away, a place for nurturing and caring, a haven, a reflection of who we are? So many questions, but the answer is always ‘yes’.

Turning a house into a home, on a practical level, is all about filling it with things that make us feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. We all have our own personal style, we have strong opinions about what we like and dislike, but ultimately, behind closed doors, we crave comfort first, style second.

That’s why, when turning a house into a home, it is essential to focus on the comfort aspects of the surroundings. Are the beds, chairs and sofas all gloriously comfortable and perfect to sink into after a long day in the outside world? The ideal living room is one which looks fabulous, feels cosy and comfortable and functions well. Half the battle is in finding the best seating and nothing beats a corner sofa for somewhere to stretch out and relax in style.

Personalising a home is so easy to do, but many shy away from it, fearing they will get it wrong. Be bold and put a personal stamp on the interior. Family photographs, wall art, personal collections, plants and cut flowers, all make a home feel lived in and vibrant. Found objects, such as driftwood or interesting stones and shells can be displayed to great effect and serve as reminders of special days. Using heirlooms or antiques and bric-a-brac to individualise a space can be very effective, as the ornaments or items chosen are rarely mass market and have a unique quirky charm.








Photos via: Bolig

Fun fun Storage!

Homes can be a nightmare to decorate – you have to juggle your budget with your needs and your choice of style, color, and theme. It can be even more of a nightmare if you have small rooms with more than the usual number of corners or walls, or if you have large open plan rooms, such as a living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one space. How do you even start to furnish somewhere that isn’t a straightforward rectangular shape? Well, there are several different ways you can approach the awkward spaces in your home. The first thing you’ll need to do is measure everything meticulously. It may sound obvious, but getting the dimensions of all your rooms – and the odd spaces inside them – will help you out greatly when you come to do your furniture shopping. If you’re trying to kit out a living area, it may be worth looking at the idea of a modular sofa. With their contemporary look and ease of moving around the pieces, these sofas are perfect for any home that has space issues or strangely shaped rooms. Think about individual or ‘accent’ armchairs as well – these can either add on to existing sitting areas or create a whole new area by themselves. Match them with a lamp, table, and other small items of furniture to create a little chill-out area. Large open plan areas can benefit from a room divider screen – these come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so you can fit it in with the rest of the décor – and make sure to keep your rooms clutter-free by using storage units and a bookcase here and there. Whatever type of odd spaces you may have in your home, there are always ways to get around them; all you need to do is be creative and think outside the box.


Storageideas1Wooden boxes are also an excellent idea for storage and full of personality.



Storageideas2Vintage Suitciases are a fun way to store your blankets and magazines in your living room.

Photos via: Est, Bolig

Dip-dye your home

Blue is in, dip-dye is in; so why not having both in your home? Maybe this trend is from last season, maybe it is that I’m catching up just now. But I think it is timeless and a room dressed like this will accompany the light of summer or the light of winter just right.

Dip dye wallpaper1What a wall, who needs art when you have a wall like this?

Dip dye curtains1This is a total DIY for this weekend. I love this deep blue sea tint, timeless.

WallpaperI love this wallpaper from finland, emulating a did-dye run down wall. I absolutely LOVE it!

Photos via: house to houseEllos.

Mix and match

This is the work for Urban Outfitters London by Petra Bindel, swedish photographer. I am in love with this inspiring combination of textures, colors and textiles. Please indulge in this amazing work with a hidden lesson in color theory and mixing and matching objects.

urban outfitters Petra Bindel1

urban outfitters Petra Bindel1

urban outfitters Petra Bindel3

urban outfitters Petra Bindel4

Photos via: Petra Bindel

Finland on my mind…

I ran into krista keltanen, a great photographer and blogger from Finland in one of those days I woke up missing far away lands that I visited and can’t wait to go back. I love her photography, it is full of honesty and character. As always nordic spaces make my heart smile and my eyes dance. This is just a taste of Krista portfolio. Enjoy!

Krista keltanen photoI am in love with the mobile in this room, it might be a lamp shade but as a mobile would be just as perfect.

Krista keltanen photo3Black and white and a stripe of pink, why not? It looks so incredibly alive to me.

Krista keltanen photo4Love this photo with the detail of pink shoes, so romantic, I love it.

Krista keltanen photo5I always thought of writing something on top of my headboard, the problem is what, I can see myself changing my mind all the time, falling in love with new quotes every day. Maybe a chalkboard as a headboard would be a better choice for my room. Actually I think that’s a brilliant idea! :)

Krista keltanen photo1Oh this white rooms uplifts my spirit, just looking at it makes me happy.

Photos via: krista keltanen


World Map in my Wall.

I am obsess with world maps, I grew up around maps and atlases, one of my father’s obsessions as well. I’m pretty sure if back then there was a world map wallpaper my mom and dad would have definitely decorated a wall in our house with it. These new creations are so inspiring and fun that make a MUST to do in my home. This wallpaper might make you travel more often or at least I wish it will. Where are you going next?

Wallpaper world map 1

Wallpaper world map 2

World map wallpaper next to your travel treasures like these mirrors from Peru called “Pan de Oro” or “Bread of Gold”, such a great idea with so much meaning full of stories to embellish your home.

Wallpaper world map 3

Photos via: the wall sticker companymy decointerior holic.

Bonnie Gammill: Color Cloud

I wish I were in Austin this week to see first hand these explosions of color and creativity. Responsible for these creations and for bringing a smile to my face this morning is Bonnie, who finished her MFA in 2009 from the University of Texas in Austin. Currently she lives in Austin and works as a Youth Arts Instructor at the Dougherty Arts School leading creative projects for K-5 graders. Totally lovely and inspiring. Enjoy!

Paper Cloud by Gammill

Paper Cloud by Gammill

Gammill studio

Photos via:Paper Store

RGB by Carnovsky

Carnovsky is a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. This new project is called RGB juxtaposing images in primary colors that once put through a light or film in  BLUE, MAGENTA or  GREEN will bring a single layer out. RGB was shown this week in at the Design Week in Milan 2013. I love the natural history  themes picked for these wallpapers. Incredibly inspiring and yummy to the eye. Enjoy!

Carnovsky installation 1Wallpaper with no filter.

Carnovsky installation 2Wallpaper through a magenta light or filter brings out the serpent, fish, birds etc.

Carnovsky installation 3Wallpaper through BLUE light bringing out a total different group of animals and insects.

Carnovsky installation 4Wallpaper through GREEN light will bring out the elephant, octopus etc…

Carnovsky cards 5RGB Postcards.

Horseman hardcase  iphone coverIphone hardcase.

Carnovsky prints 1RGB prints.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 1RGB wallpaper on a cafe.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 2

Carnovsky installation 6

Photos via: Carnovsky

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