Arne Jacobsen lamp. Design Lesson no.1

I love history since when I was little, my mother in particular had a passion for World History.She was always reading history books and I think she passed on that passion to me. I have a background in Arts but never really study history of design. So I thought why not use this medium to learn and share that learning of history of design with all of you. Let’s do this together!


One of my favorite lamps is the famous AJ lamp by Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971). He was undoubtedly danish, an architect and was well-known for his furniture design including this lamp created for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960. This lamp created more than 50 years ago is absolute timeless. The peculiar hole in the base of the lamp was originally intended to accommodate an ashtray. No one really notices it because this lamp’s lines are in such balance that it really belongs there.

One thing that stuck with me reading about Arne Jacobsen is that he never was perceived as a confident designer. He was very insecure about an object being ever done or finished, his aim for perfection made him go back and change the design many times until he felt half sure that it was good to go. Sometimes we think genius are confident and know when an idea is ready to go, but actually seems to be more common the sense of insecurity and that feeling of uncertainty. Arne Jacobsen was also the creator of the famous egg chair and  the swan chair icons of the XX century history of design.


1960 arne jacobsen in room

Arne Jacobsen and the two Egg Chairs

AJ Lamp

AJ Lamp

Arne jacobsen egg chair

Egg Chair

Arne jacobsen swan chair

Swan Chair

Photos via: Phaidon,  Mad About the House, Cavica, Danish Furniture

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