Northern Lighting from Norway

Another country with great creativity and incredible design is Norway where Northern Lighting was born. Northern Lighting is a small design company focusing on lighting inspired in Nordic nature; with only 6 year on the market Northern Lighting is making a big difference in the way we use light. The variety of designs reflects the organic concept of Northern Lighting, working with different designers at many levels of experience and high levels of creativity present in every product released by this unique Norwegian design company. One of my favorites has to be the MOO lamp. I want to bring home the nordic touch and what a better way to do so than bringing home MOO! More than just a lamp every light designed is an sculpture that will beautify any space filling it with Nordic nature reminiscence.

Moo lamp

I love the idea of converting taxidermy in a far away reality transformed into light!

Illusion lamp

Another great idea! “Illusion” table lamp and in half version too!!! sooo great!

Illusion half black light

Illusion lamp

Snakkes lamp

This one is so smart and fun, it is called “Snakkes” in Norwegian means “talk to you later”. Great for leaving a message, make it bright with a wipeable marker pen. Do you need to remind your roommate to pay the rent? Or remind your husband that you love him? Here is a witty way to do it!

Sunday light

Sunday” is a wall light and shelf combined. It is lit by using either a bulb or a candle light. Love this lamp/table/candelabra!

Sunday light

Maze Alu light

“Maze” has geometry and symmetry in focus, with overlapping plates in a labyrinthine pattern. This lamp can enhances any room, great to mix and match with old and new.


“Oslo Wood” spreads light in the same way as seen in the forests around Oslo. So if you are in need of some Norwegian forest in your room, this one is the one to go with!

Diva table light

“Diva” is a light sculpture with a lot of attitude that when off it remains an essential and uniquely aesthetic décor object in any room.

Photos via: Northern Lighting

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