RGB by Carnovsky

Carnovsky is a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. This new project is called RGB juxtaposing images in primary colors that once put through a light or film in  BLUE, MAGENTA or  GREEN will bring a single layer out. RGB was shown this week in at the Design Week in Milan 2013. I love the natural history  themes picked for these wallpapers. Incredibly inspiring and yummy to the eye. Enjoy!

Carnovsky installation 1Wallpaper with no filter.

Carnovsky installation 2Wallpaper through a magenta light or filter brings out the serpent, fish, birds etc.

Carnovsky installation 3Wallpaper through BLUE light bringing out a total different group of animals and insects.

Carnovsky installation 4Wallpaper through GREEN light will bring out the elephant, octopus etc…

Carnovsky cards 5RGB Postcards.

Horseman hardcase  iphone coverIphone hardcase.

Carnovsky prints 1RGB prints.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 1RGB wallpaper on a cafe.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 2

Carnovsky installation 6

Photos via: Carnovsky

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