World Map in my Wall.

I am obsess with world maps, I grew up around maps and atlases, one of my father’s obsessions as well. I’m pretty sure if back then there was a world map wallpaper my mom and dad would have definitely decorated a wall in our house with it. These new creations are so inspiring and fun that make a MUST to do in my home. This wallpaper might make you travel more often or at least I wish it will. Where are you going next?

Wallpaper world map 1

Wallpaper world map 2

World map wallpaper next to your travel treasures like these mirrors from Peru called “Pan de Oro” or “Bread of Gold”, such a great idea with so much meaning full of stories to embellish your home.

Wallpaper world map 3

Photos via: the wall sticker companymy decointerior holic.

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