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Homes can be a nightmare to decorate – you have to juggle your budget with your needs and your choice of style, color, and theme. It can be even more of a nightmare if you have small rooms with more than the usual number of corners or walls, or if you have large open plan rooms, such as a living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one space. How do you even start to furnish somewhere that isn’t a straightforward rectangular shape? Well, there are several different ways you can approach the awkward spaces in your home. The first thing you’ll need to do is measure everything meticulously. It may sound obvious, but getting the dimensions of all your rooms – and the odd spaces inside them – will help you out greatly when you come to do your furniture shopping. If you’re trying to kit out a living area, it may be worth looking at the idea of a modular sofa. With their contemporary look and ease of moving around the pieces, these sofas are perfect for any home that has space issues or strangely shaped rooms. Think about individual or ‘accent’ armchairs as well – these can either add on to existing sitting areas or create a whole new area by themselves. Match them with a lamp, table, and other small items of furniture to create a little chill-out area. Large open plan areas can benefit from a room divider screen – these come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so you can fit it in with the rest of the décor – and make sure to keep your rooms clutter-free by using storage units and a bookcase here and there. Whatever type of odd spaces you may have in your home, there are always ways to get around them; all you need to do is be creative and think outside the box.


Storageideas1Wooden boxes are also an excellent idea for storage and full of personality.



Storageideas2Vintage Suitciases are a fun way to store your blankets and magazines in your living room.

Photos via: Est, Bolig

Skin’s Tales

I’ve never been into tattoos. I always believed the skin itself contains many stories told in codes through birthmarks, the constellation of freckles or the simple line folds that seems maps of an uncertain land. Simplicity at its best. But, I do appreciate the art of tattooing, I had few dear friends that embraces the art and I had gotten to appreciate it even more. But if I would ever adventure into the tattoo culture I think these examples would be perfect and exactly what it would feel right up my alley! I found these simple tattoos whimsical add ons for your skin’s tales.


constelation tattoo

constelation tattoo2

Photos via: miso

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my folks! I wish you a weekend full of love and creativity! I would like to share few things with unique Easter spirit to start a great weekend!

nordic bunnyNordic Bunny! This is my kinda bunny!

eggshell candlesI love this idea, so simple and so beautiful, just fill some eggshells with wax and a wick. You can make them in pastels! Adorable. Kids would love this! I would.

bunny coatThe bunny coat! The most endearing coat I’ve seen for kids in a long time!

Mason Jars PAintedPainted and distressed Mason Jars! this is a super easy DIY for the weekend! So cute!

Bunny alphabetThe bunny alphabet!! I love this illustration on bamboo for a kid’s room.


Have a great weekend!!


Ferm Living: Nostalgic Pastels

Continuing on a Pastel note, I ran into the new Ferm-Living catalog, which, is full of pastels tones and nostalgia. Ahhh.. great combination of colors bringing the new breeze of march full of emotions and memories from lost childhoods and new ones to come. I have never seen feeling and art direction win over the hard sell mentality of the “product integrity” or “make the logo bigger!”. Finally a catalog with delightful washed out tones and lighting that interferes with the original product making it closer to art and not to advertising. I personally would shop more often if I was exposed to this kind of end result between design and art direction. Love it! Of course it had to be from Denmark.. not surprised about that! Enjoy.


Ferm4Wall  Stickers to do your own arrangement.

Ferm3Gorgeous kid’s wall.

Ferm5I am in love with this wallpaper and the wall lights are adorable!


Ferm1Total wallpaper nostalgia! Can’t get more 70′ tthat this!

Ferm2Great wallpaper with the stripe tent and the washed out lighting filter makes it even more dreamy.

Photos via: Ferm-Living

Pastel forward!

Saving daylight is here meaning you were probably late for work today… no, meaning we are closer to Spring and we need some pastels in our life! That’s right! So, I am happy to present to you the Condesa Chair and Acapulco Chair made by hand in Mexico from a sustainable studio based in Denmark named OK Design. This iconic chair is been around in patios all around america from a long long time. But now it’s been revived in beautiful pastel colors and in the irreplaceable white.


Condesa Chair

Iconic Condesa Chair all in white.

Ok Designs

More designs from the studio using PVC plastic cord.

Condesa Chair

The also iconic Acapulco Chair in pastel blue. Adorable!

Condesa chair4

Condesa Chair in pink in the process of being made by artisan in the Mexico studio.

Photos Via: OK Design

Finland full of good stuff

Another country always at the avangart of design is Finland. One example of that is iittala, a wonderful brand that creates home decor and accessories, made by many finnish designers. My favorite creation from iittala are the gorgeous “vitriini” boxes made out of glass and also mix wood and glass by designer Anu Penttinen. They are absolutely beautiful and as it names in italian says it: “vitriini” is a great “window display” for your goodies at home.

This year, Vitriini has been honoured with the prestigious iF product design award. Created in glass, oak, and aluminium, the collection offers a host of vibrant colours and hundreds of possible combinations. It’s time to let your imagination go.

Vitriini box 60x60mm turquoise blue oak

Vitriini Insides count

Vitriini group 2011

Photos via: iittala

Ericofon or Cobra Phone. Design Lesson no. 1.2

To continue on Nordic Design. I would like to add this simple yet famous invention of the 20th century that made a big difference to the world. It is the Ericofon, design by Ericsson Company in Sweden. You might be familiar with this nice vintage look phone but maybe ignore its big importance in the history of Design. THe Ericofon was released on the second half of the 20th century and marks the future for the cordless phone almost 30 years prior its invention. This small but significant creation is found in the Museum of Modern Art in NY and in the Museum of Design in Stockholm. Gösta Thames is considered the father of the Ericofon. Other relevant designer to work on this project was Ralph Lysell. Gotham Thames

Gösta Thames and the Ericofon in black.

Photos via: flikr, Ericsson

Mugs with animal inspirations

Nature is there to inspire us all, an what a better example for that statement that these animal mugs created by different artist from different countries; Ange-line Tetrault from Canada and Kinto from Japan. There is a saying that goes: Great minds think alike. Well that might be truth. I just wanted to share this with you, hope you folks enjoy your weekend. Always be alert for what it surrounds you, spend a little time in nature this weekend, and let nature inspires you. Happy Weekend!


animal mugs


Photos via: Kinto, Ange-line Tetrault.

Etsy Store Launch for Nonu World

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on my latest project; Nonu World. This is the reason why I haven’t been posting as much lately. I am sorry I’ve been away, but now I’m back with more on design, new ideas and new creations. I would like to invite you to my new : Etsy store: nonuworld. I am still working on the web, but for now you can indulge in beautiful Etsy and check out my creations.

Nonu World journey starts in SouthEast Asia, mixing and matching stories with textures and high quality materials. Every item that you find in our  NONU online store has a story of its own which you receive with all shipped goods. Our mission is to enhance your home with unique wares that have high value beyond the premium raw materials, our production is limited and with the upmost standards of quality. Among our great materials, we use 100% silk from Cambodia and vintage fabrics from Hmong tribes in North Vietnam

I would like to share some pics form the collection 2012. Hope that you like it and enjoy it!

IMG 6202 jpg effected resized

IMG 6306 jpg effected

Nonu Silk Cushions, Indochina Collection.

IMG 6392 jpg effected

Nonu Buddha Head

IMG 6566 3 jpg effected

Sapa Collection Cushions for Nonu

IMG 6596 jpg effected

Nonu Bird mobiles

IMG 6703 jpg effected

Kramas (Cambodian scarves made by hand, 100% coton) long, unisex scarves silkscreened with words in Khmer.

IMG 6638 jpg effected

If you want to purchase a product from this post, please send me an inquiry. Thanks for stopping by.

Photos via: My Canon G12

Ideas and curiosities from Iceland with love!

winter in iceland, reykjavik

Free fun in Reykjavik, the natural ice rink was amazing, you could get to the other side of town just by crossing across the frozen lake. Saturday afternoon it was a beautiful view looking all the kids in skates and families just sliding for a little bit of fun.

Cafe Fru Berglaug in Iceland

Beautiful windows from Cafe Fru Berglaug, not only the Cafe is as cute as it gets, but the food was incredible, got to taste Whale and their famous dry fish! Delicious!

Cafe Fru Berglaug in Iceland

A piece of the menu at Cafe Fru Berglaug in Reykjavik.

window decor in Iceland

Window decor with glass jars and candles.

One thing that I was really impressed by, in this town, was the window decor. This idea was so simple and elegant at the same time, very affordable and just lovely, I love the fact that I can recreate this idea inside my broken chimney to get some fire this Xmas.

window decor in Iceland

Another adorable and affordable idea! Snowflakes with dollies! I love this idea! You could do the same thing for your home and add some christmas lights around the window to frame it. It would look awesome!

window decor in Iceland

one more shot of the window with dollies and Banksy? maybe?

Fish lamp from IcelandFish lamps anyone? not sure if this is the latest trend now in Iceland but definitely creative and unique!

Photos via: Iphone G4 and Canon G12.

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