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Vanity Countertop Designs

Transform your old and dull countertops in bathroom with trendy bathroom vanity. Vanity countertops are custom in current trends of bathroom improvement ideas. Single and double counter tops for vanity are many on the market especially popular via online purchasing. Pros and cons of material options are considerable.

Bathroom countertops are popular but you should get to know about the material first of all. Quartz Vs granite has is less expensive but less strong and durable too. No matter what, quartz vanity countertops are very fascinating.

As one of most durable options, quartz countertops are favored. Quartz countertops give an eye catching look with hard quality for durability in bathroom vanities. Colors are creams, black, brown but the most popular choice is grey.

The color of grey has versatility to apply in different bathroom vanity styles whether modern or even traditional. Many great things about quartz including grey colored such as scratch resistant and non porous. No sealing needed at all which makes sure about easy to take care of and low maintenance. Metallic flecks ate shown by the grey quartz that for sure to add interesting color textures.

Top coating in needed at least once a year onto quartz counter tops for vanity. This is meant as protection that will not cost a lot of money at all. Light grey quartz or dark grey quartz, the choice is yours to make based on existing paint color of vanity cabinetry.

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