Build Corner Bench With Storage

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Corner bench with storage – Cut the 2-by-2-foot plywood sheet diagonally from corner to corner. The resulting two triangles will be at the top and the bottom of the bench. A 45-degree low rip cut on the 20-inch 2-by -2 with the table saw, fences and push pin, provides two 20-inch triangular plates. In the two 24-by 20-inch plywood sheets, the facet 20-inch sides by cutting them at a forty five degree angle. Does not change the original target. Make sure that only the corners are taken.

Match the cut 20-inch side of 24-inch sheets of 20-inch side of 34-inch panels. The edge that was just cut should be on 34-inch sheets, forming a flush 45-degree angle. Screw a 24-inch plywood sheet to 34-inch sheet of the triangular 20-inch board on the inside corner of the bench. Repeat this process on the other hand to the second 24-by 20-inch sheets. Using six screws for each corner of the 20-inch bench. Unscrew the 2-by-2-inch pine board inside the ninety degree corner formed by the two 24th-inch sheets of plywood. Screw a triangular piece of plywood to the bottom of the corner bench with storage frame. A screw through each corner.

Make a diagonal cut with your circular saw measuring seventh inches from the ninety degree corner on both sides. This line should be parallel to the hypotenuse of the triangle. Screw the 90-degree corner of 7-inch plywood triangle to 90-degree corner of the frame. Pre-drill a hole through each 45-degree corner of the plywood in the 7-inch plywood to the frame, and then screwing them together. Screw the hinges to the hypotenuse of 7-inch plywood. Screw the other end of the hinges to the plywood it was taken from. And the corner bench with storage was done.

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