Casual Modern White Dresser Furniture

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Modern white dresser – Modern furniture is famous for its clean lines, sharp silhouettes and mixture of warm and neutral colors. Although the details change with each piece is modern furniture often confused with the modern. The biggest difference between modern and contemporary style is modern tendency to use soft and casual items such as a cream velvet chair while the modern tendency to use bold and formal elements, such as a red patent leather chair.

Consider using rich colors and simple lines of modern bedroom furniture that is elegant and easy to clean. Stack your mattresses on a Bordeaux-colored, wood platform bed with a block base and thin block headboard. Adding a simple, two-drawer, Burgundy wood block bedside table on either side of the bed and a matching, six-drawer modern white dresser against the wall. Ensure a small, diamond-shaped, stainless steel knob for each drawer.

To compliment the earthy tones of modern bedroom furniture with green and gray fabrics. Cover the bed with thick gray sheets and a grass green silk quilt with triangle-patterned embroidery in gray, jade green and forest green around the edges. Add matching cushions and curtains to gather appearance modern white dresser. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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