Choosing Countertop Supports Tips

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Gusseted Countertop Supports

Everyone wants to have beautiful and durable countertops. Determining beauty and durability is essential to include countertop supports. Materials are metal and wood as two of most common and popularly used. Floating countertop looking supports are updated version. No matter what material of your counter tops, choosing best supports or brackets is quite an element. Sleek and beautiful countertop support brackets should also be designed to hold the weight.

Standard brackets for countertop supporting are important. Material, thickness, width, length and holes are playing essential roles in determining quality of countertops. A36 steel is best recommended material that strong and durable.

This will make sure your convenience when doing kitchen works. It is recommended the minimum thickness around 7 gauge. Design and specifications determine your countertop bracket support application. It should not be less than 1.5″ in width. 4″ of the edge is the recommended length. This will help to minimize the mounting hardware load.

Bracket holes may not be countersunk when it comes to drilling into the flanges. Adequate size fastener is to support the countertop structure. You can actually have the bracket hidden if you want it. There are also decorative brackets to support your countertops if you want to have them shown. Materials are wood, metal and handmade quality that reliable.

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