Cleaning Winnie The Pooh Baby Blanket

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Winnie the pooh baby blanket is beautiful character and comfort.  Blankets are one of the most durable and cozy pieces inside the bedding. They are warm, soft and very difficult to stain or damage. Even a very dirty wool blanket can be easily cleaned with a brush, so washing should only be done a few times a year. It is best not to use chemicals on wool blankets, as these can cause the wool to degrade. Here are some tips on how to clean the blankets properly.

First of all you should brush the winnie the pooh baby blanket with a soft bristle brush that does not damage the fabric. Most wool blankets, whether dirty or very dirty, should be brushed to clean them thoroughly. For this it is best to stretch them on the clean floor and brush according to the direction of the fabric, thus you will ensure that all the wool fibers are in the same direction, which will give the blanket a greater structural strength and more smoothness to the touch.

Our recommendation if liquid is spilled on winnie the pooh baby blanket is to be disposed of immediately. After a few minutes the blanket completely absorbs the liquid and having such a dense tissue then it is almost impossible to remove the stain. It is best to use warm water and mild detergent to clean the stains quickly. Avoid rubbing the fabric, instead dip the blanket in warm water with detergent and dry with a soft cloth.

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