Create Padded Storage Bench

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Padded storage bench – Stain or paint the 12 birch boards, eight three strips and one of the four meters of 18 inch wooden sheets. Apply your choice of finish on both sides of birch and plywood sheets, but only one side and the two edges of wood strips. Apply as many coats as you wish, according to the instructions. Attach one “L” bracket in the center along the edge of each side of finished plywood sheets.

Make the sides of the bench by placing three of the two-foot birch boards side by side with the best side down. Place one of the three stripes in the middle of birch boards, vertically connect the plates together. Fastening strip with three screws, periling the holes for each screw. Place a screw through the strip and into each of birch boards. Do the other side the same way. Create front and back of the padded storage bench by merging two sets of three four-foot birch boards.

Be front and rear sides of the storage unit with the “L” brackets, two on each corner. Place a bracket 6 inches from the top and a bracket 6 inches from the bottom on both sides of the two sides as you have done. Join the front to the sides, and then get back to the sides. Attach the four-sided box to “L” brackets you attached to the plate materials in step two. Place the fabric for your padded storage bench with his face down and place the batting on top. Attach the hinges to the padded storage bench. Attach hinges to the back of your luggage bench.

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