Dark Wood Dresser Ideas

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Dark Wood Dresser Design

Dark wood dresser – Whether to add more storage to your garage workbench, build a new kitchen, you need to build boxes. Before you start your project, you must make a trip to the lumber yard or building supply store to select materials knobs, slides and wood. Knowing what type of timber works for the boxes will help you choose the best wood for your project dark wood dresser.


The bottom of the box consists of a flat piece of dark wood that is generally less than one-half inch thick. Since this part of the box is not very visible, aesthetics rarely come into play when selecting materials. Plywood is light, strong and inexpensive and works well. Another best choice for dark wood dresser bottoms is hardboard which is softer than plywood.

The wood should also be lightweight so the box is not too heavy. The plywood will work but is not the most attractive wood. The best choices for dresser sides are maple and alder. Like the pages, you want the box back to be easy. But since the back get less wear than rubbing the sides, this wood may not be quite as robust. Cedar is an excellent choice for this section, as it will keep the box in the dark wood dresser smelling fresh.

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