Decoration Navy Crib Bedding In Blue

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Navy crib bedding – In combination with decorative accents, is navy blue perfect for creating a modern nautical-themed nursery. Paint the upper half of walls navy blue. Furnish the room with white pieces, or pieces that have a white-washed effect. A crib, a dresser and a chest of drawers are essential elements for a nursery.

Select bedding that feature nautical prints, including a comforter, sheets and curtains. Cover the changing pad with a red or navy crib bedding blue changing pad cover and place it on top of the commode. Hang a wooden ship wheel on a wall as a decorative accent. Print your child a lifesaver floatation device naming and display it on a wall. Have a plaque made saying “SS (your child’s name)” and hang on the wall above the crib.

Use silver lamps topped with navy blue lampshades illuminate the space itself. Hang recreational maritime flags on the walls around the top of the room, make a colorful border. Replace drawer pulls with buttons that feature images of sailboats and lighthouses. Create a play area which has a toy box with a ship painted on it. Place a navy crib bedding blue shag area rug on the floor to serve as a soft surface for your child to play.

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