Decorative Dresser Knobs And Pulls

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Dresser knobs and pulls – refinishing furniture is a great way to get a new view of an old piece of furniture. Many times, you will be running on an end table or dresser that you know have the potential to be a great addition to a room, but had been corrupted by time and neglect. Do you find that a piece at a yard sale or antique mall, you do not have to leave it there because it seems like it is in bad shape! Snap it and take it home and give a makeover to turn it into a new addition to your home.

In this article we will provide information about dresser knobs and pulls. There are many ways to refinish furniture, all you can do yourself, depending on your skill level. A beginner may not be able to handle the entire reupholstering the sofa, but one easy do it yourself project that anyone can do involve swapping hardware furniture. Updating the hardware on furniture, such as bureaus or closet, really can give the piece a new look and a new life.

Dresser knobs and pulls can be found in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, finishes and designs, so the possibilities are truly endless. Changing plain and dull brass drawer pulls out for some new, sleek, stylish oil rubbed bronze pieces would make it all look updated. Combine that with a new coat of paint or stain and you have a brand new piece of furniture in your hand.

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