Decorative For Covers Fabric Storage Bench

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Stylish Fabric Storage Bench

Fabric storage bench – A storage bench is a functional piece, but it does not mean it cannot serve a decorative purpose in your room as well. Turn this storage unit in an eye-catching piece in your room by dressing up the bench with fabrics and other accessories. Your storage bench looks can be as casual or formal as your room style requirements. Does it mesh with the rest of your room?

Festive fabric, colorful cloth is a festive way to decorate your home-made fabric storage bench and pay attention to it. Choose a patterned fabric in colors that complement the colors you already have in the room. Your fabric should reflect the room – a playroom bench could use a polka dot fabric, while a lounge bench requires something more subdued, such as damask fabric. Simply staple the fabric around the bench.

Cushions, your fabric storage bench can serve as extra seating in your room. If it sits in a window, you can create a comfortable window seat where you or your children can relax. Buy several oversize pillows, and place them on top of the bench. Have enough cushions on the bench to cover it completely. Kids will enjoy climbing up on pillows, which add a pop of color to your room.

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