Determining The Countertop Overhang

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Countertop Overhang Style

The desired countertop overhang determines functionality of your kitchen. Additional space of countertop is valuable so that to enhance you comfort too. More finished look can be achieved by having the overhang on countertops that indeed very interesting. It is all depending on your requirements in how to determine the overhang of countertops.

Typically, it extends from 1 to 1,5 inches from bases of cabinets (not doors). It helps all crumbs and spills to find their way into the below cupboards and drawers. More comfortable feel when doing the kitchen works can be completed with the right overhang countertops.

The island countertop overhang too can be very important in determining quality of dining space. For seating, it is indeed very important so that not to have it too much for comfortable feel.

Countertop island overhang can be seen on the images I upload into the gallery. It is a very simple but very significant value to enhance both design and functionality of countertops in your kitchen. In how to determine best countertop overhang, just fix your desire for all the needs and comfort you want.

Materials do matter in the determination of countertops including the overhang. Ask for professional helps to get best quality offering today.

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