DIY Crochet Purple Baby Blanket

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Purple baby blanket – Once you have learned some basic crochet step, you can also learn to do other projects, like hats and scarves for your child. Tie a slip knot in the yarn around the hook. Loop the tip of the hook once around the leading end of the yarn and pull it through to create a second loop.

Continue to crochet purple baby blanket to a single chain until it is your desired width of fabric. Turn singe chain around the palm and bubble wrap leading end of the yarn over the hook from the back so that it loops around the hook. Insert the hook in the third chain on the first line so that now you have three loops of yarn over the hook.

Take the leading end of the yarn with the hook and pull through all three loops on the hook, so that you only have one eye left. Pursue double crochet in each third chain on the first line until you reach the end of the second row. Create two chains at the end of this row and turn piece in the palm. Pursue a double crochet over your third line, along the chain of your second line until you reach the end. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your purple baby blanket is at your desired length.

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