Dressers With Mirrors Ideas

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Dressers with mirrors– Many people like to have a mirror above their agency to use as a dressing support, to show how outfits look or fix hair and makeup. The mirror is usually placed either adjacent one end of the agency or centered above the agency. Some of location depends on where the wall studs are located. Mirrors can be heavy and need this extra support to ensure that they do not fall.


Turn stud finder and slide it over the wall to locate the studs. The machine will beep when a stud is found. Mark the stud locations with a pencil. Determine how high the dressers with mirrors. Choose a hanger for the mirror if it has one. Most mirrors come with hangers already connected.

Look where you want the hanger should be at the back of the mirror and drill a small pilot hole in the frame. Measure the back of the mirror to determine the distance from the bottom of the mirror to the wire hanger or other device. If you use wire, has a helper stretch the wire as it would if the mirror was hanging out with two screws so that you get an accurate measurement.

Measure from the mark on the wall above the dressers with mirrors to the distance you determined. This is where you will put the screws. Drill screw in the wall anchor. Place the second screw on the mark for the second stud.  Set screw if necessary to equalize them. Drill second screw in the stud. Hang the mirror on the screws.

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