Embroidered Baby Blanket Sets Ideas

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Embroidered baby blanket – Providing a caring and welcoming nursery for your baby boy is one of the first gifts you can give him in life. Although the room aesthetics are important, security and stimulating color patterns and shapes are also a factor when decorating your child’s new room. A traditional decoration scheme for a little boy’s room are variations on the color blue. To add to the excitement and variety, choose bedding sets with multiple shades of blue in the comforter, blanket and sheet sets. Paint the walls in matching colors to carry the theme through the rest of the room.

The child’s name. If your son sharing a room with a sibling, you can create a feeling of space for him by having his sheets, pillowcase and embroidered baby blanket with his name or monogrammed with his initials. You can also stencil his name on the wall near his bed to emphasize this theme.

Favorite cartoon characters. Most young children latch on to a favorite cartoon character from the television, books or movies. Decorate her bed with sheet sets and embroidered baby blanket show his favorite character or having corresponding colors to match a plush doll of his favorite character.

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