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IKEA hopen dresser – A house of design stands out for the meticulous choice of spaces, colors, materials and furniture itself. Design sideboards are the perfect alternative to get a luxury home. White is the color par excellence for design sideboards. In spite of this, it is also normal to find them white with touches of color, because it approaches the retro style that conjugated pure lines with color.

The sideboards are generally made of wood, but also of other materials such as steel and even quilted materials, to give a modern touch. They are essential furniture in a house that pretends to follow a little the Nordic decoration. We also have to combine this ikea hopen dresser with the tables in the living room and with some other sideboard if there was. Generally, the design sideboards are rectangular or square, and the surface is smooth.

We can find, however, design sideboards with an irregular surface, with geometric and modular shapes. Generally they are not too ikea hopen dresser, with short legs of wood or steel, and with drawers The design sideboards stand out for their elegance , for its modernity coupled with a touch of prestige, that dress any room or space.

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