Granny Square Baby Blanket Instructions

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Granny square baby blanket – Colonial and pioneer women used yarn from old sweaters and socks with no residues from other projects to make multicolored squares, according to a 1946 article from Oregon Worsted Company. When they had enough squares, sewn of them together to make the warm covers for the family. Because older women who are no longer capable of physical work in the house or in the courtyard often took on this task, the boxes were called granny squares. Today, this project is easy enough for beginners, while advanced crocheters challenge of creating their own variations to make Afghans, pot holders and scarves.

Crochet granny square baby blanket. Most patterns begin with a ring of chain stitches, which leaves an open circle in the center of the project. Eliminate the space by starting with a magic circle, instead. Making the circle by winding the yarn around the fingers twice, leaving a 3 to 4-inch tail. Insert your hook into the yarn and pull up a loop on the hook. When you are finished with the first round of the granny square, tugging yarn tail gently to close the magic ring.

After making your magic ring, making three chain stitches. Make two double crochet stitches in the center of the ring. Chain two and three double do crochet needle into the ring. Repeat chain two-three double crochet pattern three times, then slip-stitch to the first chain stitch.

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