How To Bind A Minky Baby Blanket

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How To Bind A Minky Baby Blanket – A baby blanket made of fleece of Minky has a wonderful silky feel. It can easily become your child’s favorite napping blanket, which he will carry with him everywhere when he starts walking. Make a rectangle of Minky fleece blanket by binding the edges with satin blanket binding. Sew a few boxes of blankets and some 12 inches square security blanket for your child to carry. When the blanket is this special, it is always good to have a reserve.

To bind a Minky baby blanket beginning in the middle of one side, fold the binding around the edge of the blanket, pinning as you go. Pin the inner edge of the bonding all the way to the other side of the cloth in the corner. Bond in the corner with open the center fold of the binding, folding open the binding around the corner. When you do this, fold the edge of the binding will fold down at an angle. Fold the pages of binding together around the other side of the corner. Fold in the binding will fold down and make a cut corner at 45-degree folds. Remove the cotter pin in the fold and pin folding.

Continue to cover all the edges of the Minky baby blanket binding and oblique all corners. Fold one inch at the final end of the binding to create a finished edge. Lap this fold an inch over the first end. Pin the folded end down. Machine stitch, binding to the felt by making a seam 1/8 inch from the inside edge of the binding. Catch the other edge of the binding while sewing. Make the squares turn when you reach the corners by lowering the needle in the fabric, and then raise the pressure foot while turning the fabric.

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