How To Build Suitcase Dresser

May 26th

How To Build Suitcase Dresser – If you like the vintage look, then make a dresser out of an old suitcase that you can pick up from a local flea market. A hard-shell suitcase recommended. A dresser is a workspace with storage and a mirror to help you put on makeup or style your hair. By doing a suitcase dresser, you will be able to transport your dresser when travelling. It also makes a charming piece while sitting on top of a table or long, narrow office.

Small Suitcase Dresser
Small Suitcase Dresser

To build suitcase dresser, insert a hot glue stick on the back of a glue gun. Connect the gun to a power outlet and allow the glue to warm up for several minutes. Open the suitcase so that the base of the suitcase is snug against your workplace and the front cover is upright suitcase. Squeeze limits glue on the back of a mirror or a large square handheld mirror. Press the mirror in the middle on the inside lid of the suitcase. Hold the mirror in place until it dries, for about a minute.

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Place the fabric-covered box compartment tray at the bottom of the bag to build suitcase dresser. Box compartment trays should be about 12 inches long and 3, 5 inches wide. They look like washers, do not have a lid and have compartments where you can place various accessories. You have the option to glue trays into the bottom of the suitcase or you can place them side by side in the bottom of the suitcase without glue to move around the chambers. Fill the trays with makeup, hair pins, and hair gel and hair brushes. Set suitcase on a dresser or desk, and be sure to keep it open so that the mirror is facing you and upright while the accessory compartment rests securely in the base.

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