Ideas Decor For Patchwork Dresser

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Ideas Decor For Patchwork Dresser – A little tricky to do, but so pretty. The front of this patchwork dresser is covered with small rectangles of paper. This patchwork dresser can also be made using comic strips and flower pictures for example.

Supplies for decor patchwork dresser: 1 convenient, Sandpaper (optional), Putty (optional), Paint and brush (optional), Wrapping paper, scissors or cutter pair adhesive wallpaper, brush, and Matt colorless varnish.

Instructions for decor patchwork dresser. If the chest of drawers is to be painted, lightly sand the surface with sandpaper. Replace the holes with mastic and smooth any unevenness. Then comb the dresser. On the front of the drawers, make only an outline of 1 or 2 cm wide, the rest of the surface will be covered with paper. Using small scissors or a cutter cut out small rectangles of paper of different sizes and colors. Arrange them as you wish to make a nice pattern. Using a brush, coat the glue papers and place them on the drawers. Let it dry. Apply two coats of Matt clear lacquer to the chest of drawers, so that the surface is more resistant and washable. This technique can be applied to many other surfaces, from walls to table tops and doors.

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