Ideas For Repainting An Espresso Dresser

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Espresso dresser – For many, their bedroom is an escape from the bustle of everyday life. However, this is difficult to achieve if you do not have a dresser to store your clothes, seasonal and other assorted junk. But you have several other smart alternatives to house and hide items in your bedroom without an agency.


If you work with a solid wood dresser, giving it a light sanding to remove some of its protective coating. Remove the drawer handles. Make sure to cover the floors, vent windows and wear a face mask. Wipe away the dust. If your agency is not solid wood, not sand finish. Instead, use a quality primer, seal the fabricated wood product completely and to provide an easy surface to paint. Some painting techniques on solid wood do not require a primer. For these techniques is a light sanding sufficient. Apply a solid layer of your choice of color on your espresso dresser. Work with smooth and uniform strokes for a close-professional finish, or use spray paint enamel for even distribution.

Some may choose to paint on their espresso dresser with a conventional solid rock. This option works well in many areas. Let the paint dry and then apply a second coat for a smooth finish. Create a distressed look, paint over your solid wood dresser and then grind the edges to expose the wood through the paint. For both solid and manufactured wood, apply the first layer of paint over the primer to dry and then paint on a contrasting yet coordinating other color layers.

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