Ideas To Paint Wooden Dresser

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Wooden dresser – If you are tired of a bureau color or you have purchased a used dresser and want to make it look better, you can easily spice it up with new paint. The total time for such work, including preparation, is only about two hours and should not be too expensive (much of it depends on the type and brand of paint and primer you buy).  Before preparing to paint, but remember to keep the following in mind. If you paint an agency previously painted with a darker color, you either need to strip the old paint before painting again or use more layers of color to the darker the color does not show through.

Cover all addresses hardware with masking tape and then remove all the boxes from the office. It is easiest to paint the boxes separately, after you’ve painted the rest of the agency.  Lightly sand all surfaces of the wooden dresser with coarse sandpaper. Sand boxes next and places them on a cloth, away from the office. Using a tack cloth, wipe the wood after sanding.

Next, sand the surfaces with more fine-grained sandpaper and wipe clean. Always sand with the grain of sand does not mind it.  Make sure you are in a well-ventilated place. Place a cloth under the wooden dresser, put on your painter’s mask, and open primer. Apply primer to the dresser with a brush. Cover all surfaces you plan to paint and then apply primer on the boxes-always apply primer to the timber in the grain.

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