Ikea Bench Storage For Small And Narrow Lobby

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IKEA bench storage – Is your lobby very small, or practically nonexistent? Regardless of its size, you can design an area that is convenient when you go out and get home. Here are some ideas to take advantage of space. When there are many things in a small space, the risk of disorder is guaranteed. The comfortable low tents offer plenty of storage space, make everything look more collected. and also serve as a bench. In the open shelves you can place everything you want to have in sight and, of course, a mirror to take the last look before you leaves.

Narrow hallways are more practical when you have closed solutions for storing the things you use outdoors. In this case we have put ikea bench storage and sliding doors, which do not occupy space when they are open. Choose a shallow closet, like this, to take up little space on the floor.

A small piece of wall is enough to fight the disorder. Small organization solutions, such as ikea bench storage with hooks and shelves, are a good way to get started. You can use a kitchen solution, like magnetic knife boards, to put the keys and little notes in the lobby. It also places a mirror to give more presence to the space.

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