Just Born Baby Blanket Ideas

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Just born baby blanket is easily form fabric from yarn with a hook. Create a just born baby blanket for children are a great and affordable gift. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and will keep you happily occupied and productive, even while relaxing. Basic just born baby blanket is 36 inches wide and 52 inches long.


Let the child choose colors for the blanket. If the blanket that is made as a gift chooses colors that are the child’s favorite or suitable for sex. Form slip knot and pull a loop through to create the first chain. Create a base of at least 100 chains. Adding four additional chains in the end. Pulling the yarn over your hook twice and insert the hook in the middle of the third set from hook.

Draw a loop through. Start the next row in the second stitch from the end. Yarn over twice and proceed with treble crochet hooks until you reach the end of the line. Add a new color by creating a slip knot with a new color. Insert the hook through the last treble stitches. Yarn over and pull a loop through. Chain four stitches.

Alternating colors every five rows, creating a striped pattern. Skip crochet felt until the desired length. Edge just born baby blanket with a single crochet around the edge in a neutral color. You can walk around the blanket more than once for a bigger frame.

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