Making Kitchen Bench Seating With Storage

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Kitchen bench seating with storage – Whether to provide seating and shoe storage at the front door, or on a porch bench, or even for the kitchen, a storage bench will always come in handy. Building a storage bench is a very complicated project, and requires minimal wood working skills and basic tools.


Form 2-by-two hours planks in three rectangle frames, the beveled ends form corners. Glue the pictures through the corners and squeeze to allow too dry for two hours. Place the bottom panel flat on work surface and place the three frames on the top of its 15 inch sides; two frames flush with the ends of the base and one in the middle.

Place the side panels in the final pages of the kitchen bench seating with storage. Bead a thin line of adhesive around the side panels and mounting them in place, then attach to a 2 1/2 inch screw was 3 inches by top and bottom of the gable frames of the side panels. Approximately needed 10 screws per panel.

Sand kitchen bench seating with storage with sandpaper, then dust with a dusting cloth. Paint or varnish the bench, as well as the cover, using brush strokes that go with the grain of the wood. Read lacquer or paint label approximate drying time – usually within two to four hours, depending on the humidity, temperature and the type of paint or varnish is used.  Center the piano hinge on the back of the cover piece and secure in place with the 1/2 inch screws. Center the cover over the top of the bench – there will be two inches of overlap at the front.

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