New Dresser With Hutch

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Dresser with hutch – Whether it’s an old dresser from the flea market or just lying around the house, are old dressers very repurposable. Give it a makeover and let it shine or make it into something completely new. The only limitations makes a dresser’s time and creativity, so invest a little time to imagine a new life to your old dresser can be worthwhile.

Bring new life to an old dresser with hutch by giving it a facelift. Repaint or refinish the old chest of drawers and replace obsolete or broken hardware, such as hinges, handles and pulls. Painting an old dresser is an easy weekend project almost anyone can do. Consider adding decorations to refinished dresser with antique, stenciling or add a mirror. If the dresser is out of place in the home, you might consider painting it to a friend or family member as a gift.

When there is no need to save an old dresser with hutch, consider doing it more than the sum of its parts. Instead of throwing the old dresser out or give it away, you should make it a modular bookcase with drawers. Remove hardware from the drawers and give the drawers a new coat of primer and paint. Line the bottom of drawers with free wallpaper, and put them lengthwise.

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