Nice Solid Color Crib Bedding

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Solid color crib bedding – Use pink and purple butterflies and dragonflies for a newborn baby girl. Butterflies can switch between colors or include both colors in elaborately detailed wings. Lights and plates could be a soft pink with purple butterfly or dragonfly accents. Pink carpet and valances will accent purple butterfly curtains.

Alternatively, solid color crib bedding infusions of purple accent pink butterflies nicely. To soften the decor, alternating a plain with butterfly patterns in bedding as well. A butterfly-embellished quilt looks nice over a solid sheet. Dust ruffle could be fixed, while the bumper can function butterflies. Hang a mobile phone with alternating pink and purple butterflies and dragonflies. Buy or make three-dimensional fabric butterflies to hang on the wall above the crib or on the opposite wall. Large butterfly decals or pictures can adorn the walls. Replace knobs on the dresser with small pink and purple butterfly buttons to fill the space.

As with the other patterns, mix patterned objects with solid color crib bedding colors to avoid making the room too busy. Other ideas include pink and purple elephants, unicorns, leopards or old-fashioned quilt patterns. If you or a loved one is cunning, using a homemade Afghan or quilt inspiration for the rest of the room. If you have artistic ability or follow stencils, paint the same pink and purple animal or pattern on one of the walls. The rest of the space can be a soft, pale shade of pink or purple. Mix pale pink with purple or hot pink and lavender to liven up the space. Hanging hand painted wooden letters spelling out her name over the crib or changing table to personalize her kindergarten.

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