Piano Hinge Black Storage Bench

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Luxury Black Storage Bench

Black storage bench – Piano hinges are an excellent tool for storage devices because of their incredibly long dimensions and result stability and smoothness. This replacement requires only minimal tools and no additional material beyond the hinges, although enough screws to provide a robust attachment.

Open storage bench and unscrew the hinges that are currently connected. Remove the hinges and reposition storage bench lid on top of the bench. Place the piano hinge to the sideboard for a black storage bench. Arrange the hinge so the second section falls directly under the storage bench cover and the entire hinge is even. Mark location of the screws holes least every 12 inches along the side board using a stylus.

Drill a hole at each mark, being careful not to go through the board to the other side. Move the hinge and attach hinges to the sideboard with 2/1 inch wood screws. Place the other half of the hinge on the bottom of the black storage bench cover with the help of an assistant. Mark the location of the hinge’s screw holes every 12 inches on the underside of the lid with a pencil. Drill holes in each mark and attach the piano hinges to the lid with half-inch wood screws.

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