Pink And Navy Blue Crib Bedding Ideas

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Navy blue crib bedding – While there are endless decorating options when it comes to a nursery, a pink and navy blue outline brings a classic appeal to the room, which juxtaposes the color of light against darkness. By selecting the color of the wall for a nursery pink and navy blue, you could go with solid pink for a light and airy or solid navy war to a dark feeling, but relaxing. If you choose Marina walls, also consider painting a rose for an accent that brightens the room. Add a navy and white border wall painted pink to give it some visual interest.

Furniture is an important part of any nursery. Select a color for the parts and sticking with it for continuity. Stainless steel furniture goes well with pink and navy blue crib bedding and gives the nursery an elegant and modern environment. White wood furniture gives it an attractive classic, clean, while dark brown wooden furniture has an air of sophistication. Avoid light wood tones, colliding with roses. Find furniture that grows with your child, such as a crib that becomes a toddler bed or a changing table that converts into a dresser.

Bedding combinations of pink and navy blue crib bedding come in solid colors or patterns mean. You could opt for a solid color that is the opposite of its wall colors or mix and match, like a sheet of solid dark blue background with a pink top sheet or blanket. They have several sets of sheet with a color scheme of pink and Marina so you can easily change things around a slightly different look.

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