Poured Concrete Countertops For Kitchen

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Poured Concrete Countertops

Making your own poured concrete countertops can be simple but challenging too. Do it yourself even though you are a rookie can have best quality. There are several things to think of when choosing to have the concrete counter tops in your kitchen.

You better plan the treatments of basic color as well as the plain edges. You can do this project in your weekend when the time is leisure. 2x 6 x 2 of concrete thickness is important to make sure about great strength and durability of your concrete counter tops.

There are pros and cons of countertops constructed on concrete. One of the pros is its versatility to meet all decorating styles. Even for outdoor kitchen and bar design, the concrete can stand a very good quality in beauty and durability.

Poured concrete countertops colors can be determined to meet the existing decor in your place. Spray painting or laminating, the choice is yours to decide depending on personal taste and budget ability. Both the ways are affordable, though.

The steps to make your own concrete countertops poured are build the melamine form, seal the joints, cut rebar steel mesh so that to fit inside the mold, mix the concrete, pour the concrete and cure it. You can do it yourself, just have faith!

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