Refinishing Maple Dresser

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Maple dresser – The smaller timber is decorated, the easier process. Choose a darker or lighter stain if you want to change things up, or paint it instead of coloring it. You can also buy various drawer pulls. If you want to keep maple dresser original appearance, taking a box to the paint store to find a spot that matches. You may need to try a few spots on a separate piece of maple to find a spot those results in a similar color.


Remove the contents of the agency and, if possible, bring the Agency outdoors or in a well-ventilated, but protected area (like a garage). Follow the instructions on the stripper’s office to remove any leftover paint or stain on maple dresser and on the front of each box.

You will probably need to repeat the process a few times to remove any paint or stain. Sand the bare maple dresser and drawers with a small orbital sander. Use a damp cloth to wipe all surfaces sanded to remove dust and dirt.

Color maple dresser follows the instructions on the stain container. In general, a liquid stain with a cloth or brush after the grain of the wood and let it penetrate. Whether painting or staining, apply at least one layer of polyurethane, again following the instructions on the product label. Replace drawer pulls when the last layer of polyurethane is dry, and replace the drawers.

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