Sewing Bernat Baby Blanket Patterns

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Bernat baby blanket patterns are a necessity when a child is on the way. Making your own baby blanket adds that special touch to complete your nursery. You will be encouraged by the ease of making a no-sew baby blanket. Not only is it affordable, but your child will get much use of it.


Decide on the size of the blanket. Before you begin, it is important to evaluate how long you plan to use the blanket. If you think you will make a new bernat baby blanket patterns regularly, you can make it smaller. Select your favorite patterns. You can find a variety of patterns of no-sew baby blankets by stores in your community. There is fabric design for any nursery style.

Prepare material. Two separate pieces of fleece must be exactly the same. If you have to cut them to size, add a piece of each other and cut two pieces together. Trim off any selvage that is around the edges. Cut the fringe. To begin, you will need to cut a 4-by-4 inch square out of each corner. When the corners are ready, begin to cut the lashes. Remember to cut through both layers of fabric for bernat baby blanket patterns.

Tie lashes together. With the blanket still on your work surface, gather both layers of a Frenchman and tie them together. Then proceed with the next fringe, gradually work your way around the no-sew baby blanket. Double knotting fringes on bernat baby blanket patterns will keep them from coming undone in the wash.

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