Shabby Chic Dresser Ideas

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Shabby chic dresser design is a good choice for those who love and want to have cabinets with simple lines and a classic architectural style.  You can add the clear or frosted glass panels to the cabinet doors, to create a look that is still in line with the shabby chic design principles but with a modern feel.


Use a tape measure to determine the length, width and depth of your shabby chic dresser area.  Otherwise, begin your measurement on the points you want for far-left and far-right edges of the dresser.  Locate the wall studs with a stud finder and mark them on the wall with your pencil where the dresser will be installed.

Use your height measurement for the dresser to draw horizontal lines on the wall to represent the upper. Use a circular saw to cut two strips of wood to make a top and bottom wall mount piece, according to your measurements. Drill a pilot hole in the wood strips off the wall studs. Use wood screws to attach the strips to the wall. When you build the framework, you can use glass or wood to the middle of the door panels.

Run a thin bead of wood glue to attach the side panels to the upper and lower portions to form the frame. Measure the opening and glazing cut according to your measurements. Secure hardware for door hinges, after instructions from the hinge manufacturer. Add shabby chic dresser on a flat work surface and drill pilot holes starting at your screw hole control characters.

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