Simple Crochet Baby Blanket Border

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Simple crochet baby blanket – A soft and cozy handmade blanket is a precious gift for a new baby. Unfortunately, the process of crochet an entire blanket is time consuming. Instead of sewing the blanket, crochet a simple border to a fleece baby blanket that conveys the same message of thoughtfulness. To create this simple crochet baby blanket, the basic knowledge of how to crochet necessary, along with the experience of single and double crochet stitches.


Cut polyester fleece measuring 45 inches square. Wood tapestry needle with heavy thread. Sew a whip stitch around the perimeter of the fleece by inserting the needle every 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch from the edge of the fleece. Insert the hook in the first whip stitch and chain three. Sew two double crochet stitches in each whip stitch around the perimeter of the wool, stitching four double crochet stitches at the corners fleece.

Add or subtract simple crochet baby blanket stitches on the edge starts to wrinkle or wave up. Hold the edge of the plate, until the first line of the border has been completed around the circumference fleece. Chain three and add a scalloped edge to edge by working five double crochet in one stitch, skip one stitch, double crochet in next stitch, skip one stitch. Repeat all around the fleece; add two additional double crochet hooks to corner scallops.

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