Special Dresser With Changing Table

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Dresser with changing table is a table, which is usually located in a baby’s room, which is set up as a place to change diapers. While it is possible to purchase a table created specifically for this purpose, many parents choose instead of using a piece of furniture that can serve two purposes. Some give up a table altogether. Create a space for your baby that is multifunctional and versatile by getting creative with your baby’s changing table.

Change your baby in closet. Some of new parents choose to use top of a long and comfortable six drawers like a dresser with changing table. Many baby supplies stores sell cushions that can be placed directly on top of wooden sideboards and secured with straps. Diapers, wipes and other supplies can be kept in a basket next to mattress or in one of top drawers of dresser.

Change your baby on floor. Why try to keep your baby insured at a high dresser with changing table when she is much safer on floor? This is especially true when baby starts walking and spends most of his time trying to get out of his reach. Some parents choose to use a basket as a change station, foregoing a table to change altogether. Fill basket with diapers, wipes and a changing vinyl pad that can be cleaned, and you have an instant and portable “changer” that you can carry with you from one room to another.

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