Storage Bench With Cushion Seat Ideas

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Storage bench with cushion seat – When most builders think of benches, they like plank benches. These are really easy to build. You need a little more than four pieces of wood – one seat, two plates that act as legs and a brace to join the other three in a rigid structure. You can also use four separate legs joined by an apron for something with a little more class. Whether you make them rustic or give them a polish craft, the choice is yours.

But even an ordinary kitchen counter can be something more. Consider styling your storage bench with cushion seat more like you would see in a park or garden. With a back and arms, perhaps with a pillow, you can easily create what used to be called a gossip bench. By making one of his arms is big enough to serve as a small table, you can create a phone bench. Such small additions can transform a bench in a welcome addition to your kitchen.

Storage Bench

Storage bench with cushion seat are drawers built strong enough to sit on; some use top-mounted lid, while others use boxes or simple cubbyholes in the front. You can set them on the floor, perhaps with molding around the base to give them a bit of style. These boxes can be placed on a small 2-for-2 pedestal, or you can give them small block-shaped legs. Alternatively, if the box is relatively shallow, you can add more legs with a greater variety of forms. Pillows are often placed at the top for comfort. A four-to-five-inch thick cushion will cause your bench to be used much more often than a standard 2-inch pillow.

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