Upholstered Storage Bench For Kitchen

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Upholstered storage bench – Get decor is as elegant as a kitchen counter. Whether it’s just a place at the door to take off wet shoes, simple seating around a farm table, or slick retro look of diner booth benches fit into almost any kitchen design. Best of all, they are simple enough for any woodworker to build and achieve exciting results.

Upholstered storage bench are drawers built strong enough to sit on; some use top-mounted lid, while others use boxes or simple cubbyholes in the front. You can set them on the floor, perhaps with molding around the base to give them a bit of style. These boxes can be placed on a small 2-for-2 pedestal, or you can give them small block-shaped legs. Alternatively, if the box is relatively shallow, you can add more legs with a greater variety of forms. Pillows are often placed at the top for comfort. A four-to-five-inch thick cushion will cause your bench to be used much more often than a standard 2-inch pillow.

As with plain benches, you can add arms and back to your upholstered storage bench for one more chair-like appearance.  While the other bench styles use straight backs, banquets generally backs the angle from the vertical. Allowing the back to lean about 1 inch from vertical for each 6 inches of the increase is a good starting point.

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