Useful Superhero Baby Blanket

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Superhero baby blanket – Classic, the baby blanket is not least a very practical accessory. It will not only beautifully decorate the bed of your child. But also warm it when he reads or watches television. Cover warm and very soft to the bed and stroller and cozy. Superhero baby blanket is ideal as a birthday gift; it can also serve as play mats.

Superhero baby blanket is very convenient and especially sweet. The cozy flannel and minky Superhero security blanket will be soft and cozy for a baby or toddler to snuggle with. Some made this lovey it using an awesome Marvel Comics flannel fabric for the front. And the reverse for making a velvety soft blanket for baby or toddler is a plush minky dot fabric.

You will be happy with this handmade security superhero baby blanket. I have taken the time and care needed to ensure a quality little blanket. You would be happy to have for your own little one. Or give to someone special, would make a great geek baby shower gift. Superhero baby blanket with 48cm X 58cm is a perfect size for the toddler. Have in the car or stroller, and take to bed for a snuggle when the day is over. Prewashed/Preshrunk fabric-Topstitched for durability that lasts wash after wash.

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