Very Simple Ways To Paint Dresser Hardware

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Navy Dresser Hardware

Dresser hardware – Give your favorite dresser or armoire a new set of hardware such as handles and hinges can significantly change the appearance of the piece. New hardware can also be used to update cabinetry. If you like the design of your current hardware, you might consider painting it instead of replacing it. With minimal preparation and a can of spray paint, hardware can be refinished in just one afternoon.

Instructions to paint dresser hardware: First, removing the hardware from cabinets or furniture, with a screwdriver. Second, enjoy the hardware in a container filled with vinegar or disodium phosphate. Enjoy hardware in water, and then let them dry. Third, sand hardware with fine-grain sandpaper if dirt or scratches are still present. Flush hardware of clean water and let them dry. Fourth, lay the hardware on newspaper or drop cloth.

Spray on a primer designed for metal. Primer helps top coat paint to stick to metal. Sixth, spray a thin coat of paint on the dresser hardware. Makes since the movements that you are working. Always keep the spray can in constant motion to avoid dripping and uneven. Use thin coats – if one coat is not enough. The paint to dry per manufacturer’s instructions and then add a second coat. The paint dries completely before connecting dresser hardware or furniture.

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