Vintage Dressers With Pivoting Mirror

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Vintage dressers – An eclectic mix of antiques, vintage items and even some new items created from antique wood make your home “home” and vibrating with the energy of ancient times. Rustic wood patina, antique doors and exterior and interior panels are hand carved hard wood construction and have been rescued from antique houses or havelis. Zen beautiful carving of the chakra and folklore animals make pieces of art doors and brought a lot of historical value. Many include original hardware, including iron latches and door knobs and handles brass ornaments.

Vintage dressers are a traditional Indian crates used to store textiles or grain, an unusual mixture of traditional and eclectic style and simple furniture. Coffee table made from reclaimed doors and dresser in distressed woods with carved vastu deliver positive vibrations into your home. Large hand carved king size bed, fireplace restored, antique doors and arches, Zen Buddhist panel, distressed wood sideboards, cabinets & headboards ganesha antique Kamasutra add an exotic touch to your home.

Rich with history and very much sought after old doors and vintage are available in various styles such as door Jaipur, temple door, Gujarati panels, gates and pillars Haveli South India. Many Indian interior architecture can be highlighted and accented by a beautiful line Handcrafted, Ornamental and curved doors. Vintage dressers this can add an interesting character for most anything instantly. Eclectic hand carved door panels, windows, carving India, barn doors, rustic patinas, antique arch carries an aura of antiquity.

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