Wood Bench With Storage For Simple Picnic

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Wood Bench With Storage – Everyone loves a backyard gathering, be it a barbecue, a pool party or just a simple family picnic. And porches are still a popular place for encounters, but most porches do not have enough places to sit or store all the necessary paraphernalia. Outdoor storage benches are a perfect way to combine extra seating with additional storage. They are cheap and durable. Best of all, they are easy to build. Wood is the most common building material.

It is popular because it is easy to make perfect wide planks of it. A normal wood bench with storage is only limited by the length of the wood and the available space, but the weight of the chair is a very real consideration when building a storage bank. As a general rule, three to four feet is the longest practical length for the lid/seat. Unless there is a good reason, the width and height of the bench should adhere to the standard dimensions.

When constructing with plywood, it is customary to use two or three inches of foam padding on top, covered with a waterproof fabric. The fabric is wrapped around quilted and plywood, then pulled tight and stapled at the bottom of the plywood. Wood bench with storage is commonly finished with a stain or sealed with a clear finish, any mixture in better porch setting.

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